How to Sit on a Man’s Face for Fun

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Face Sitting- Let’s Talk About It

Of course, opinions vary, but face sitting is easily one of the sexiest positions a woman can offer her man… and herself. The trouble comes when the woman doesn’t know how to do it properly. Granted, if the man doesn’t know how to do his part, then it’s all for…

Make Money Shooting Porn Without Shooting Porn

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Adult Stock Photos and Videos- What’s That?

So, what do we mean by “adult stock photos” and “adult stock videos” anyway? Simply put they are the photos and videos used to design or market adult sites. Often the photos and videos you see on various websites are not actually from the content on that site. …

A Supernatural Erotic Mind Control Story

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Erotic Ghost Story of the 3 Sisters House

As the slow line of cars pulled up one by one and parked, Karla stood in front recalling the erotic ghost story that had been told to her by the executor of the estate. She had inherited the famous, 3 sisters house after the passing of a distant relative she…

Three of the Hottest Gamer Girls on Twitch

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Hot Gamer Girls on Twitch

With the rise of the popular gaming platform, Twitch, came the hot gamer girls that started streaming there. Of course, there are so many there that it would be impossible to name them all. No doubt, you already have some of your favorites as do I. In this article, I’m…

Erotic Fiction Story of Wild Hardcore Fun

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Summer Dorm Party Time!

Summer had arrived finally, and all the good girls and good boys had gone home. The annual dorm party was said to be an epic one this year too. This year, everyone had agreed that it would be a “free use” party. …

Taboo Sex Stories of Local Sex — Naughty Side Up

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Dorm Party Nerd- Tommy

Frustrated and muttering incoherently to himself, Tommy looked again at the drawing on the paper. He looked up at everything he had set up and then back down again at the paper. He was pretty sure he had built everything just the way Crystal had wanted it. With that thought…

Information on the crypto from Bitrue

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The BTR coin is an interesting investment opportunity. It has a few unique features that make it stand out from the crowd and is worth looking into if you’re interested in diversifying your portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

What is a BTR coin?

BTR coin is a native digital asset of Bitrue crypto exchange. This exchange is…

Commentary From One Military Brat

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Coming from a military family, I am all too familiar with U Haul rentals and the pains that come with moving. U Haul prices have gone up over the years just like everything the price of everything else in our world. It could be argued that the “cost” of moving…

Sketch of Your Soulmate

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Getting the Love You Want

You deserve to be getting the love you want. We all want to find our soulmate, of course. Well, turns out there is a service online that will sketch your soulmate’s picture for you.

Okay, I’ll admit that I don’t really believe in that sort of thing, but still… could…

Written by a Woman

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Note: This was an erotic story about sex games that was written by a woman and shared on the Naughty Side Up blog. I own the story, but it was not written by me.

My best experience with sex games

It was a rainy, muggy night, with the ice-cold rain hitting our cold drunk bodies at…

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