Atheist Longing for Religion

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Agnostic for a Reason and Clarification

I need to start by saying that this is not going to be an article about an Agnostic person turning religious or changing their mind. If that is what you are looking for, I’m afraid you haven’t found it here. The simple truth is that those of us who are Agnostic or an Atheist didn’t just wake up one day and decide that we no longer believed in the religious beliefs that so many others do. In fact, most Agnostic people were raised in homes where they were taught to believe in God and to follow the Christian belief; or a similar faith. Becoming an Atheist or turning Agnostic is usually a journey and not a sudden choice.

Gradually, a person learns new facts and begins to question certain lessons they had been taught by parents and by society. For each person it takes a different amount of time or happens in a different point in their life, but eventually, that person reaches a sort of breaking point. It may be an event or it may be learning a final new fact that simply will not allow them to delusion themselves any longer. For example, for me, it was the day I learned that the church decided that Jesus was born on December 25th because it was when the Pagans celebrated the Winter Solstice; which made it easer to convert them to their religion. After learning that, I couldn’t convince myself that it was real anymore.

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What is Meant by “Longing for Religion”

Because I reached the point of being Agnostic by learning new facts and questioning everything, I can and will never go back to being religious or believing in Christianity. It’s not even an option. That is generally the case for most if not all Atheist and Agnostic individuals. However; there are times when we (Agnostic people) may miss the security blanket feeling that came with believing in religion. The illusion of having a superior being that watched over you and helped to guide your life. That is a romantic and often comforting thought. The forgiveness and lifting of responsibility for some of your actions or the state and happenings of your life, was a wonderful crutch to lean on during failures and harder times. These are the things that often an Agnostic person will start to miss.

For fleeting moments, we understand the saying, “Ignorance is bliss” and almost wish that we could go back to blindly believing again. Of course, the whole concept of Heaven and a beautiful afterlife is instinctively appealing too. It is human nature to want to imagine that you may go to a beautiful place to live out the rest of eternity. People want security and comfort and the concept of what we are told Heaven is, feeds into that need and desire. Realizing the truth and adding up the facts will never be able to erase that primal and natural need.

A Final Summary

As I’m sure you can tell and figure out, this is a hard thing to explain to someone who doesn’t live it themselves. Hopefully, this post is helping to get the point across and you are understanding what is being said in the proper way it was intended. However; to try to help paint a picture of the overall point of this post, I will say this.

Imagine watching a children’s movie with a child or a group of children. You watch the movie and you see all of the happily-ever-after endings and the way that things fall into place so well. You look over and see the dreaming and optimistic looks on the faces of the children. You almost get jealous of how innocent and happy they are in their belief of how they see the world. You once believed in those dreams and those fairy tales too. You can remember what that was like. However; despite all that, you simply can’t convince yourself of being back in that state. You know the truth and you know too much of the imagination and darkness that lies behind the making of that story. You long for the innocence and even the ignorance, but you’ll never go back there. That’s a loose interpretation of what this post is talking about. Most don’t know an Agnostic person goes through that, but we do. Now you know. If you are one of those people…now you know you’re not alone in it.




I’m an every day human Xennial living in the Southeastern United States. I have many interest. I just want to improve your life and maybe entertain you.

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Timothy A Rowland

Timothy A Rowland

I’m an every day human Xennial living in the Southeastern United States. I have many interest. I just want to improve your life and maybe entertain you.

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