Atheists Are Not Against Christians

We Can Be Friends

Timothy A Rowland
4 min readSep 24, 2020

Atheists Are Not Against Christians

Many Christians and people within other religions believe that Atheists and those who are Agnostic, hate anyone who believes in their religion. This is very false and a gross misconception. Yes, I am sure that there are at least a few individuals who may have a hatred or dislike for Christians, but the vast majority of Atheists; simply don’t give it any thought. The far vast majority of Atheists, are willing to respect the fact that a person has a religion that they strongly believe in. As long as you are not trying to push that religion or belief onto them, they will simply let it be.

Where Might This False Belief Come From?

Chances are that this misconception of how Atheists feel toward Christians, may have come from instances where Christians “preach” or try to “convert” an Agnostic person into believing in their religion. This is a foolish and disrespectful practice. In these instances; Christians are met with a great deal of resistance and outward criticism; and rightfully so. Those of various denominations watch Atheists laugh when they are threatened with phrases like, “you’re going to hell” and “you’ll burn in the pits.” Atheists laugh because, saying these things would be like someone threatening you by saying that you are going to be sent to Narnia or Never, Never Land. It doesn’t make sense to threaten to send someone to a place they are certain doesn’t exist.

It is true that Atheists often mention that religion slips into everything and that more often than not; Christians will turn away from you or try to “convert” you when they find out that you are an Atheist. Whereas; an Atheist doesn’t try to convince a Christian that they are wrong. Only one side is trying to convert or recruit the other. This practice is disrespectful and frankly; annoying. From this; many Christians may start to believe that the divide between an Atheist and them, is greater than it really is.

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Science Versus Religion

Perhaps the greatest point of contingency between Atheists and Christians is that an Agnostic person tends to turn to science for answers, and Christians turn toward their religion. A true discussion on this topic could not be complete without mentioning this difference. This is not to say that Christian people do not believe in or trust in science; of course, they do. In the same realm; Atheists are generally willing to acknowledge that there are many things that science cannot yet explain. The differences arise when you look at situations where an individual will turn to logic and science rather than faith of a supreme being.

Despite this difference and even in the moments when the reaction to a situation is different; Atheist do not look down on or hold malice for Christians when they turn to their religion. There is no animosity felt toward someone who chooses to believe that a divine being is mapping out a path. Most Atheist won’t give it a second thought when a Christian person turns to their faith for answers or prays for a solution; the Atheist will simply take a different route.

Keep in Mind an Atheists’ Life

It is important for Christians to realize that almost every Atheist, has friends and family that are Christian. Obviously; an Agnostic person loves their family. They love their friends. It is fair to say that over half of Atheists were raised in a religion and have parents, and often siblings, who are still Christian. For an Agnostic person, Christian people are intertwined in their lives and simply an aspect of human relationships. Likely; this is why very little attention is paid to the practices and such of Christians; until, again, those beliefs and such are pushed onto the Agnostic person. If you are eating with an Agnostic person and you want them to wait while you say grace, ask them and likely they will be happy to wait. They won’t participate, but they will probably be willing to wait before they begin eating. Again; most are used to it from meals with family and friends.

Closing Thoughts

So, you see, Atheists are not against Christians. We are all in this world together. Let’s just respect one another and agree to not let these things separate us. If you are Christian; don’t try to convert an Agnostic person. Don’t “preach” to them in any way. If they walk away when you start talking about religion or religious things; respect that… the same way they are respecting you by letting you be with your faith and not trying to correct you in any way. We are all human; let’s keep the humanity.



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