Best Masturbation Tips

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Best Masturbation Tips for Daring Locations

Sometimes the usual places are just too boring. Here are the best masturbation tips for when you want to be a little daring, but would like to stay out of jail. These locations feel daring, they are a little daring, but you are not likely to actually get caught and go to jail over trying to have a little fun.

Garage Fun

For those of you who have a garage, why not u se it for a little fun? The important thing to remember is to make sure you close the door to the garage first. Thousands of people have been arrested for being caught masturbating in the garage; all because the door was open and the neighbors didn’t care to see it; or for their kids to see. Don’t believe me? Google it.

I know a lot of you are thinking that masturbating in the garage isn’t really all that daring or even that different. That is true probably for a lot of people, but for some, it’s the first step.

The positions and areas you use to explore all of the possibilities would, of course, depend on what size and shape garage you have. Also, what is currently located inside of the garage would play a major part. Laying across the car in the garage can be a safer substitute for laying across it parked outside somewhere.

Backyard Fun

If you live in the middle of a suburban neighborhood with no fences or real separation between houses, probably shouldn’t try this one if you want to stay out of jail; unless you know your neighbors won’t call the police. For those who have the means to “hide” in the backyard, consider finding a favorite spot (if you don’t already have one) back there and exploring your pleasures.

Lay a towel or sheet on the ground or maybe set up a chair. It’s all about you and it’s all about your comfort, so just experiment and feel the breeze on your skin as you climb to your orgasm. Depending on how far off your nearest neighbor is, you might can even be loud, which is always fun.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Public Bathroom Fun

Okay, first off (especially women) I must say, find a clean public bathroom for this one. Also, feel free to have your fun sitting on the toilet, but remember that leaning against the stall in multi-person bathrooms or the walls in a single person bathroom, can be just as “handy.” Of course, the advantage to sitting on the toilet and going at it would be that it is easier to do a cover up if you are almost caught.

Part of the thrill here, other than the “naughty” feeling, is simply the challenge of trying to stay as quiet as you can; especially if you choose a location that is really crowded. Be selective and careful of the location you choose for this. Just stay safe and think about the situation realistically.

Back to Nature Fun

However, you have to get there, the woods and just out in nature all alone is often a great place to let loose. This option is usually better during a time that a lot of bugs won’t be a problem. I live in the south eastern United States; I know about bugs trying to carry you off during certain times of the year. Be mindful of that, so your good time isn’t ruined. If you simply have to do or try this one, but it happens to be the time of year that bugs are out in force, you can always drive out to a secluded spot and sit in the vehicle as you enjoy the scenery… and yourself.

Ideal locations would be next to (or even wading in) a river, lake, or pond. It may be too much to ask for to find a location such as this that also allows for enough privacy to do what you came to do. No pun intended. However, a lot of places are almost undiscovered by the majority of people and could be well enough to get away with it. You may have to be a little m ore careful though of course. Be aware of your surroundings during the act and plan for “just in case” while you are at it. Always the best way to go.

Would also like to mention that if you want to get back to nature for a little fun, be sure that you are careful in terms of dangers. I’m not talking about the danger of getting caught either, I mean the real dangers. Wildlife that isn’t too friendly or people who may try to do more than embarrass you if you do happen to get caught in the act, or even just out there alone for that matter. Above all else, make sure that you are always aware of the dangers and prepared to deal with them. Just be careful in general.

Going Further Before We End It

There are a lot of other locations, but a great deal of them run a very high risk of ending up in jail. I don’t want to encourage anyone to do something that ends up getting them arrested, so I won’t mention details about them in this post. I will list them for you, since I know that some of you will want to know more ideas. Again, though, be aware that if you try any of these, you are at a very high risk of getting caught and arrested for your fun. Also, many of these are very dangerous for safety reasons as well. For those who want the list though, here it is.

Probably Too Risky Locations

· In the car driving down the interstate (easier for women)

· In the car parked in a neighborhood or in town somewhere

· In class very discreetly

· At work in your office/cubicle

· Public pool in or out of the water

· Public beach in or out of the water

· … and so many more.

Have fun but always be safe and smart. You do these things at your own risk and you will get the reward or the consequence that “comes” from it. See you in the next post.



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