Best Masturbation Tips For Men

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I can remember the masturbation tricks I used as a teen discovering it for the first time. Also, over the years I’ve been told more than I care to hear. Now, I bring them to you; the best masturbation tips collected from experience, a creative mind, and listening to others. No, I haven’t tried all of these and some were mentioned in a previous post, but I’ll include any of them that I can remember; that aren’t dangerous.

Showers Are Your Friend

Okay, most guys already know that the shower is a great place for emptying the chamber. The best part, of course, is that it is instant clean up; especially if you have a detachable shower head and can just spray down the shower floor afterward. Everybody talks about how women love the jet and stream style shower heads because they can use it as an aquatic vibrator. What a lot of people don’t think about is that guys can use these shower heads for masturbation too. Actually; I even wrote another post about it titled, “Men Can Masturbate with the Shower Head Too.” Feel free to read that after this one. If you aim the stream (assuming you have decent water pressure) at the under side of the head… it will do the trick. Now, granted it takes more time and is much slower of a buildup, but it will get the job done.

Sock Puppets the Naughty Way

This is another trick that guys figure out pretty quickly once puberty strikes, but often older guys seem to forget about this method. Everybody eventually has socks that get riddled with holes or just simply get too warn out to be worth keeping. Using a sock to put around your love handle when you masturbate is another way to have faster clean up. After you are done, just throw the sock away; which you were going to do anyway. I will say that the major downside to this method is that a sock is very dry material, so be sure to utilize the foreskin for the strokes and do not rub dry material against your also dry bare skin. That will lead to irritation and a great deal of pain. No, wetting the sock or your manhood first, will not fix this problem either.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Pillow Love

The “pillow love” method is perhaps a little less known and a little trickier to pull off cleanly. The concept is pretty simple. Just take a thicker pillow and fold it over. Pretty sure you can figure out how to do the actual act at that point. Use the folded pillow for what needs to be done and maybe place another pillow above it flat on the bed long-way for leaning/laying over on. Of course, the obvious challenge to this is making sure you pull out and “finish” into a paper towel or something like that. If you want to avoid the messy possible finish; then you can use a lubricated condom, that way you get the slip you need but also have a “catcher” for the conclusion.

Help from the Bed

Another less known (I certainly didn’t) method is to use the bed in masturbation in more ways than are obvious. Again, use a lubricated condom for “catching” and for the slip you need. Then, just put your love handle between the mattress and box spring. Do what you need do and discard the condom when you are done.

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty sure these four are enough for now. Most of the other techniques I either know or have heard of, I’m sure are so obvious that they don’t even really bare repeating. Of course, even masturbation requires some safety and thought, so be careful and considerate when and where you go at it. However; for any younger people reading this who may be surrounded with “those” types of people, don’t even be ashamed of masturbation or self-exploration. It is 100% natural and there isn’t a thing wrong with it. It’s actually a very healthy and good idea. You can do an internet search and find the benefits as well as the science behind it. Very normal. Healthy. No shame involved. Just be safe and smart. Have fun.



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