E-Learning Pros and Cons For the World

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What is E-Learning Exactly?

Before we discuss what it is like to attend classes online and the new outlook on e-learning in modern times, we first need to clarify what qualifies as e-learning. Of course, the first situation that comes to mind when talking about this topic is attending college classes online, rather than in a traditional classroom. For the majority of people who are involved in this concept, that is the situation they find themselves in. However; anyone who is attending training or even diving into research on the internet, is actually involved in e-learning.

Regardless of what or how you are learning via the internet, the experience can be much the same. If you are doing independent research on a topic in order to learn more about it, then perhaps a lot of the aspects are missing, but you are- after all- still taking in knowledge from sources that are not presented in person. Of course, learning is always a great idea and worth encouraging others to do.

More Common Than Not Suddenly

Because of the events of last year (2020) there are more people attending college classes online, than there are occupying college campuses. E-learning has become the new “normal” way to go to college now. The number of students online was already rising even before the pandemic, so it is no surprise that when it hit, the numbers skyrocketed very quickly. Having said that, even high schools are now online more than in person; especially with so many teachers refusing to return to work now.

With the loss of so many jobs, we are also seeing a huge number of people turn to online training in order to begin a new career. This includes those who have returned to college courses as well as those who are simply taking independent training courses in order to seek out a new path. This sudden shift and explosion of education being online is both a great occurrence as well as a tragic and dangerous one.

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Obvious Dangers of Education Being Mostly Online

There is an obvious danger and threat to health involved with the majority of education and training being online. Receiving education online removes the human contact and social development aspects of learning. The in person contact and interactions are as much a part of learning and growing as a person, as the lessons themselves are. This is especially true for those who are college age and younger.

For those of us who are adults, it offers a great opportunity to return to school without the social awkwardness as well as the time constraints of a traditional college class; surrounded by people half your age. However; adults are still not the majority attending classes online now. Also, adults too need the social interaction and human connections; which many are not getting with so many jobs lost and businesses closed down. Attending classes online offers a great number of benefits and is generally easier than in person classes. This may lead to society getting too used to e-learning being the new normal for years to come and eventually breaking the communication and connectivity of citizens across every city and town. We may lose a part of who we are and our willingness to stand together. That creates far too many vulnerabilities on so many levels.

Important Closing Thoughts

Can we come back from this dangerous path and still maintain the positive benefits of e-learning? Yes, once the high schools, middle schools, and below all return to in person classes and the youth are learning social interaction and how to be better people, things will improve. College kids will return to classes as well. These two events alone will help to heal the world and set things on a more normal course. Many predict that in the coming years, we will see a more blended version of what once was. Many college kids will return to class but perhaps still attend more of their classes online than they did before. Many of the adults now attending online courses will return to the work force as businesses and jobs begin to open back up more and more.

In the end, we all be okay. The world has learned a few lessons and- ironically- the shift toward more technology-based education and everyday life, has struck the match of many leaning more toward going back to a more traditional time. Old values are making a stronger stance in every day lives and more and more, people are blending technology with human interaction. These events and changes have left people starved for connection, and soon, they will surely get it.



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