Four Days in Branson, Missouri

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I just returned from a family trip to Branson, Missouri a couple days ago. I know a lot of you have not been and may be wondering if it is worth the trip. Well, this article is here to help with that choice. In the world’s current condition of the pandemic; travel is much more complicated and difficult than it was before; I am sure you already know that. Airlines require that you wear a mask the entire time you are in the building, as well as for the duration of any flight. Regardless of how long your flight may be, you still have to keep your mask on the entire time. Masks are annoying; especially after hours of having one on.

Branson, Missouri Visit

My family and I were lucky enough to stay in a hotel that was well located in Branson and near several places to eat as well as tourist spots. If you are going to make a getaway trip then I would strongly suggest that you do the same. If you are not located near the tourist spots, it’s going to be very expensive to Uber everywhere you want to go. As I said, we were located in a great spot; we still had to spend a good bit on Uber rides.

The enjoyment level of going to shows in Branson will depend greatly on your age and your taste in music. Most of the shows are older groups singing other people’s songs and most are singing either country or oldies. If you don’t like either of those types of music, you may have to search a little more to find music shows that you enjoy. Now, there are other shows located there; such as comedy shows and magic shows, but they are fewer and far between.

A recommended outing and show would be the boat ride available near Silver Dollar City theme park. You will be well fed, get to take in the water ride, and also you get a good show with some talented singers and funny host. Another perk of this show is that you will have the chance to win prizes if you wish to participate; and it is a family friendly show all around. We had four adults, but if you have kids, I can say that most of the shows available seemed to be family friendly; and those that are not are well announced that it is for adults only.

Another strong suggestion is if you are going to be in Branson; you should get tickets to go to Silver Dollar City theme park. If you don’t like rollercoaster (like me) then you will still find shows as well as some other entertainment there. If you do like rollercoasters; then you will fully love spending a day here. There are lots of rollercoasters for people of all ages; so again, family friendly. The train ride there will provide natural scenery as well as a heist show along the way with some funny characters that pretend to rob the train as they put on a show. Just be prepared to buy drinks and the prices they charge, after all, it is a theme park. If you are wondering what the theme is; Silver Dollar City is themed around the old western and colonial days. You will see the employees dressed up as colonial men and women and many of the attractions and buildings are made to look like old colonial businesses. There is even a glass blowing building where you can watch them blow glass.

Photo by emy on Unsplash

What’s for Dinner in Branson?

In terms of food you will find in Branson, Missouri; you will not be left wanting. Just about any type of food you can think of; you can find somewhere in Branson. There are tons of restaurants as well as small mom and pop places that you can eat at; or just get a quick snack. Even with the state of the world, it seemed that most of the places to eat or get ice cream, were open during normal business hours. Of course; coffee is also in no short supply in Branson either.

On the edge of Branson, you will find a section referred to as “The Landing.” There you will find tons of bars, pubs, restaurants, ice cream shops, coffee shops, and more. It is a great place to walk around as well as eat and get a snack. If you drop by the coffee shop in the middle of The Landing, and you are not a big coffee drinker, I would recommend trying a vanilla Italian cream soda. There are tons of flavors as options, but I was obsessed with the vanilla one; you might be too. This is especially a great choice for anyone who drinks southern sweet tea when at home.

Up the hill just outside of The Landing, you will find a vast variety of shops as well as other places you can drop by for a bite to eat or snack. At the top of the hill on either side there is a small restaurant that serves outstanding breakfast food and will give you plenty for the money. Midway up that hill and down a bit on a sideroad (still visible from the road) is Momo’s Sushi and Grill. If you love sushi, it’s the perfect place to eat. If you do not like sushi; or you love it and others in your party don’t, they have many other things that are outstanding to eat as well.

Any Downsides to a Branson Visit?

Like anywhere, there are going to be some less than thrilling factors that come into play. If you drive there, then you have to deal with a lot of traffic. If you don’t drive, then you will likely have to spend some money on several Uber rides. Speaking of money; it isn’t the cheapest place to visit. However; it is far from being extremely expensive. It just has the usual tourist prices, it seems. The only other true downside I should mention is if you are planning to walk a good bit; Branson, Missouri is located on a set of nothing but hills. Not small hills either. These are tall and steep hills; so be prepared for that.

Over all; I would say that the good outweighs the bad. So; is a trip to Branson, Missouri worth it? I would say… yes, it is worth a trip to have a getaway or vacation there. The biggest thing to remember is; be sure to plan ahead and know what you are getting in to; then bring enough money to do everything you want to do. If you are reading this, then you’ve already started to plan and research before making a trip, so, good for you. Keep researching and make sure you get all you can out of this show-filled tourist city.



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