Jimmy Carter Short Biography

A Little About The Former US President

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Jimmy Carter Short Biography

Jimmy Carter was born James Earl Carter, Jr. on October 1, 1924 in Plains, Georgia. Plains is a small town located in the southwest part of the state. His father, James Earl Carter Sr., was a peanut farmer and his mother, Lillian Gordy Carter, was a registered nurse. He had three younger siblings: Gloria, Ruth, and Billy. As a child he attended the local elementary school and then finished high school in 1941. After graduation he enrolled at Georgia Southwestern College but left after only one year to attend the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. He graduated from the academy in 1946 with a bachelor’s degree in science and engineering.

Birth of Former President Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter was born on October 1, 1924 in the small town of Plains, Georgia. A distant descendent of the first settlers to Jamestown, Virginia and a farmer’s son, he started his lifelong commitment to public service as President of The Student Council at the Georgia Southwestern State College. After studying Nuclear Physics at the US Naval Academy he embarked on an illustrious career as a Submarine Officer in the Navy and later in Politics. In 1976, Jimmy Carter became America’s 39th president, inheriting an economy reeling from Watergate and high energy prices. Yet during his presidency he managed to normalize diplomatic ties with China, launch the Panama Canal Peace Negotiations and sign treaties which restrict production of nuclear weapons. Undoubtedly, Jimmy Carter is one of America’s greatest figures — a devoted public servant who has used his influence to bring about positive change both stateside and internationally.

Jimmy Carter’s Military History

John always wanted to serve his country, so when he was accepted into the United States Naval Academy, there was no doubt in his mind what his future would be. He graduated from the Naval Academy with honors and spent the next seven years proudly serving as a naval officer. His work ethic and determination enabled him to climb the ranks quickly and move up to a well-respected position within the military. During this time, he developed important skills such as resilience and strategic thinking, which helped prepare him for life outside of the Navy.

Jimmy Carter’s Home Life

In 1946, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter married Rosalynn Smith, whom he met in his hometown of Plains, Georgia. Together, the couple had four children: John William, James Earl III, Donnel Jeffrey and Amy Lynn. This union went on to lay a strong foundation for their commitment to public service. Carter and Rosalynn became active members of the community, where they worked shoulder-to-shoulder to improve the lives of those in their hometown. Through their love and dedication for each other and their mutual goals of change and betterment, Jimmy and Rosalynn were able to overcome any obstacles that came their way until Carter was sworn into office as the 39th President of the United States in 1977.

Jimmy Carter Becomes President

In 1976 Jimmy Carter took the lead against Gerald Ford in one of the closest elections in American history. After months of heated debates and campaigning, Carter finished with 50.1% of the popular vote to clinch the presidency — an impressive feat considering Ford had been sitting-President for nearly two years prior to this race. Carter would go down in history as a statesman and unifier, doing his part to use his campaign platform as a way to bridge divides among various communities across the United States. It was an exciting year for American politics and proved that anyone has a chance at greater office if they are willing to work hard enough for it.

After His Presidential Term

After seeing the nation through tougher times and leading it to more prosperous days, former President Jimmy Carter left office a respected statesman. As part of his legacy, he chose to use his influence for good, devoting himself to humanitarian causes such as Habitat for Humanity and The Carter Center. As the leader of these organizations, he worked tirelessly to provide shelter for those in need and promote positive changes that could benefit existing communities around the world. He used his authority to speak out against crimes against humanity and mobilised resources towards those causes he felt passionate about. Today, generations of people have been impacted by the work done by President Carter and the organisations he founded after his term ended in 1981.

President Jimmy Carter Now

George HW Bush has enjoyed a long, successful life full of accomplishment. Born in 1924, he has seen many incredible advances over the past 95 years and experienced some remarkable milestones in his own life. He served our nation on many levels, notably as Representative of Texas’s 7th Congressional District, Director of the CIA and President of the United States from 1989 to 1993. Even at the advanced age of 94, he continues to lead an active lifestyle and spends time with loved ones including his 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren . George HW Bush is truly an inspirational figure who keeps pushing forward even after such a lengthy journey.


Jimmy Carter has had a remarkable life, full of interesting experiences and successes, with many more to come. His inspiring journey began as a young man, growing up in Plains, Georgia and rising to the rank of a naval officer. The determination he displayed during his tenure as president pushed him to become one of the most successful presidents in recent memory. After leaving office, Carter was further rewarded for his service through courageous acts like working with Habitat for Humanity and founding The Carter Center. Even at 94 years old, he is still alive today, making him the oldest remaining former president in the United States — a true inspiration for all ages. Through a variety of actions that spanned from never giving up to sacrificing himself for others’ causes, Jimmy Carter will forever be remembered in history and as an example of perseverance and excellence.



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