Mutual Masturbation Overview

Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

Let’s Get Started

Mutual masturbation with your partner can not only be very sexy and fun, it can also help you to learn how and where they like to be touched during those intimate moments. Nobody knows their body like they do, so take mental notes. It is best to start off sitting across from your partner so that you both can easily see and watch each other. Pay attention to where their hands fall on their body, as well as how. I don’t just mean watching the obvious parts of their body either. Especially men, should take notice of where else on her body she rubs or grips.

The most difficult part of this experience is actually trying to keep it strictly mutual masturbation. The urge and desire to reach out and take over for the other person is usually too strong for a lot of people to handle. Because of this, put distance between you and your partner at first; if you need to. Slowly, you can move closer and closer to one another. The goal is to end up fully touching but bringing yourselves to orgasm together. The challenge is trying to “finish” at the same time. Great position for this is, if the man lays down with his upper body only slightly sitting up. The woman can then sit atop of him with her body off to the side of his upper body. He reaches over her leg and does his thing, while she does her thing with her legs open enough for both of them to see each other’s play.

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Maybe Lend a Hand

Eventually, of course, you will want to start to help each other. Find a sitting position that is comfortable for both of you and each person uses only their hand on their partner. Still try to resist the urge and desire to turn it into intercourse. The idea is to explore and learn about your lover, while pleasing them. You may be surprised about how much your intercourse may be improved by this experience and what you and your partner learn about the other.

For someone in love but feels that their partner doesn’t exactly “get it” yet in terms of how to please them fully, this is a great way to be playful and passionate; but still teach the other person what you like and don’t like. This way, you don’t have to actually be harsh or too direct about the fact that they aren’t getting the job done just right. However; even if you both are getting the job done just fine… it is still a great playful, sensual, passionate, and learning experience for any couple.

Well, this is just a conceptual overview for this topic; there will be plenty more to come, I promise. No pun intended. Feel free to adapt this in any way that makes more sense or increases the level of pleasure and passion for you and your partner; but do try this. You will both be glad that you did. Go have some safe fun.



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