Romantic Gifts Her Friends Will Be Jealous of

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Okay guys, you know you want to do something special for your woman and something she will remember for a long time. Well, here are romantic gifts her friends will be jealous of when she tells them…and trust me, she will. With holidays coming up and everyone staying indoors a lot more; I figured this was the best time to help you out with a plan that is sure to be epic for both of you.

Step 1: Make reservations at a great restaurant. No, not for you… make the reservation for her and her friends. Give her a minimum time (not a max) as you also give her your card or the cash to pay for their meal. Be sure to tell her (sweetly) to have fun with her girls; but be sure to return home alone, because you want her all to yourself. Don’t tell her you have a surprise for her; only that you want it to be just the two of you this evening/night.

Step 2: Set up the house as a home massage parlor. Be creative and use only attracting colors. Light colors around and leading to the massage area. You can use a low table or the bed as a massage table. Probably best to use something other than that bed though, after all; you hope to use the bed for other things later, I’m sure. A good compromise of course is to set the bed up to look good, be functional, but also so that it is also easily and quickly removed as well.

Set up the bathroom for a romantic bath, but don’t run the water yet. It is okay and a pretty good idea to go ahead and put some rose pedals (or her favorite rose-like flower’s pedals) and maybe even some bath salts. Set up the bathroom to have her favorite scents and any visuals you know she enjoys and feels relaxed with. Yes; you need to know these things about her; and then put them to use when setting up the scene for her.

Step 3: When she gets home, greet her at the door. First kiss her hand softly… then her forehead…then her neck…and finally; her lips. Yes, in that order. Each kiss should be slowly done, soft, and should linger a moment. Why all four kisses in that order?

-Hand for elegance.

-Forehead for the feeling of security.

-Neck to give her that tingling sensation that shoots from her head all the way down.

-Then her lips to convey your closeness and love. It’s a final connection after the other sensations.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Step 4: Lead her by hand to the massage area. Turn her to face you and you strip her clothes off; again slowly and gently. If you fumble a little… that’s okay too. It can come across to her as cute and a sort of tension breaker. After you have gotten her in the nude, remove your shirt (if you still have it on when she returns) and then pick her up; laying her down onto the massage surface. Lay her softly and then ask her to turn onto her stomach and let herself sink into the comfort of the area you have prepared.

Step 5: As you massage her be sure to do so as if you have all the time in the world; thinking of only how it feels to her. Don’t let the “want it now” feeling take over. This is a massage and not a “massage” like happens too often. If it helps you to behave a while, remember that when a woman is relaxed first; it helps her to reach an orgasm… and a stronger one at that. The connection the experience will help her realize will also help her to orgasm strongly later in the night’s events. Also, it is a great idea to use edible massage oil so that you can lay soft kisses on her skin every so often as you massage. Don’t kiss anywhere she is ticklish and don’t kiss the obvious places right now. Go for her abdomen (after she flips over), her sides, the back of her legs, the small of her back…the sensitive but not as sexual and obvious parts of her body. Be sure to make the soft kisses a real part of the massage and not a break from it. It is okay to be very generous with the amount of oil you use too; no reason to go light on it. Very important aspect is to make sure that once you start the massage, never let the contact break between your hand and her skin. For this reason you should make sure to keep the massage oil close by. It is okay to turn your hand over and pour the oil into your hand; just leave the back of your hand (NOT your knuckles) touching her skin.

If you want to surprise her… even if she says something or even does something that says she is giving in to it turning to sex quickly; don’t let her. Tell her you want to explore her body and relax her first… she deserves to be pampered and that she is well worth waiting for.

Step 6: Simple… let her turn over and repeat everything from step 5.

Step 7: Cover her up; yes, all the way up to her neck…and tell her to relax and that you will be right back. Now, go into the bathroom that you have set up and run the water at the temperature she likes it at. Add bubbles if she likes that. After the tub has filled to your liking, return to the room and very gently pick her up, with the blanket still wrapped (or draped) around her.

Carry her into the bathroom and set her on her feet next to the tub. Do not try to set her in the tub yourself. This will be awkward and also physically dangerous for both of you; since it requires getting down to the level of the tub as you hold her and try to set her inside. Don’t forget…she’s very slippery right now.

Photo by Alejandra Quiroz on Unsplash

Step 8: Remove the blanket/sheet and then take her hand and help her as she steps into the tub. Continue to hold her hand as she lowers herself down into the water at her own pace.

Do not get in the tub with her…yet. Instead, kneel beside her- outside the tub- and bathe her lovingly; starting with her hair as she leans her head back.

Step 9: After you have bathed her tenderly, you then strip your remaining clothes and get into the tub with her. Get in behind her and lower yourself down so that she is between your legs. Lay her back against your chest and simply hold her close as you give yourselves time to talk and just “be.”

Step 10: After the bath; which ends when she is ready for it to, get out and dry her off. Pick her up again and carry her to…well…anywhere the two of you want to go. At this point… keep the mood and your touches soft and loving. Be tender and let it show that you are in awe of her.

Now… the rest will go as it goes. No doubt though… she will remember this evening/night; which is why she will tell her friends who will be jealous…because she just fell in love with you all over again…. and truth be told… you fell for her all over again too.



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