Sex in the Rain

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Sex in the Rain, Generally

When we talk about sex in the rain, we are actually referring to intimacy and yes, naughty acts, in the falling rain. This can include anything from standing or dancing naked together while standing in the rain. The feeling of the natural and cold water pouring, dripping, and gliding all over your body, mixed with the feeling of the heat and passion radiating from your partner. There is nothing that is the exact same. It’s like being naughty and passionate in the world’s largest shower together.

The taboo nature of the act is another factor to consider. Knowing that you are doing things out in the open where most would never dare, only adds to the thrill, the intensity, and most times, the passion of the situation. Best done where there is an illusion of getting caught, without any actual danger of being caught. Even if intercourse never happens, or doesn’t happen until after you’ve sought out the comforts of indoors, the experience is unmatched and will add a fuel to the fire between two lovers.

Safety is Important

It would be irresponsible to write about this and not get briefly into the safety aspect. The most obvious rule for safety is, never “play” in the rain together if that rain is accompanied by lightning. You want to electrify each other… but not literally. As much of a thrill and euphoric experience as sex in the rain is, you have to make sure that you both live long enough to enjoy it. Be smart and judge the state of the weather, first. If the rain is the product of a storm, consider if there is any lighting and also, pay attention to the speed of the wind. Wind is dangerous too. Mostly, the objects in the wind or the ability to move you, are the main two threats.

Another aspect of safety is, choose a place with the illusion of being caught but does not have an actual danger of being caught. Sex in the rain is thrilling and passionate, but if you do it in public, it is also very illegal. Again, be smart. If one or both of you are loud during sex, you should probably take that into consideration too when choosing a location. Staying out of sight won’t help if the neighbors can hear you and then call the police. That, or they will record you or watch you against your will.

Photo by Fausto García on Unsplash

More About the Thrill

Perhaps, a good part of the thrill comes from your bodies being wet and slippery. Your bodies slide across one another easily and in smooth motions. Skin on skin, but with a naughty wet layer of stimulating water between you. Seeing the water as it flows and drips from every part of your lover’s body, is enough to get most people feeling more passionate animal than human.

Sex in the rain, gives the contradiction of feeling both “dirty” and “clean” at the same time. There is something exciting and thrilling about knowing that your mess will be swept away instantly, allowing you to not even slow down before continuing to explore each other’s bodies. The concept and feeling of “wet” is already a vital and integrated part of sex, so the added moisture and droplets of the rain, will only further heighten our natural instincts. Add to this, the natural thrill and connection humans have with either facing or embracing nature, and you have the recipe for natural aphrodisiac.

Summary of Thoughts Before We End

For those who have already tried sex in the rain, or at least some intimate and “playful” time in the rain, you already understand the thrill and the passion that comes with this act. For those who may have not given this a try, consider experiencing this at least once in your life, but remember to be smart and safe about it, in every way. You’ll be glad you did. You may even find a new fetish. Sex in the rain can be passionate, daring, thrilling, and so much more. Everyone should try it at least once. Get together and get wet. Have safe fun.



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